Hotel Partners

Our direct connect meta search engine allow travelers to compare hotel deals and book directly on brand hotel website. Significant Increase in revenue by selling value added services and brand value when user book directly on brand hotel website.

  • Our pricing model is simple.
  • Pay only $99/month/property.
  • No contract required | No additional development required .
  • Stay with your current partner. No obligation.


Get listed with us today to see how it works, No credit card required.

Why Pay us?

  • Get more direct booking.
  • Significant increase in revenue and brand value.
  • Stop spending money on SEO, Social media, Google ads individually .
  • B2B advertising cost share business model.

We put more than 60% of our total budget on SEO, Social media & Google ads to make sure our website have visibility on Google search engine so customer can find you.